Red Jacket

As an active sports enthusiast and participant, one should be able to find unique sportswear with a distinctive fashion style. As a fashion conscious individual, one should be able to combine progressive fashion with vanguard sports cultures.  Our mission at Red Jacket is to blend, in concert, sports styling and bold fashion initiatives.

American Needle

American Needle is proud to take its place in this celebrated and varied tradition.  Nearly a century after the company was founded, American Needle is best known as a purveyor of high quality, “fashion” styled headwear and as an industry innovator, holding over 30 headwear design patents. Our design team emphasizes specialized styling – including woven labels, embroidery, sublimation, unique fabrics, and other “fashion” techniques – providing the highest quality headwear available.  Through our continued emphasis on leadership, craftsmanship, individuality and the heritage of our trade, American Needle proudly offers the finest collection of headwear ever assembled – with something to satisfy everyone.

Wright & Ditson

​George Wright, founder and namesake of Wright & Ditson, was a pioneer of American sports. Player, owner, manager and the leading purveyor of fine sports equipment of his time, Wright’s influence is woven into the early histories of our national pastimes.​  Like our founder, at Wright & Ditson we live and breathe sport across all that we do.  Today, we proudly carry on his tradition of quality as we employ modern techniques and styling to revive the fashions of a bygone era in American sport.  Right you are with Wright & Ditson.

Pyscho Bunny

Psycho Bunny creates timeless, cool, wardrobe essentials that reflect your unique spin on life. Tradition with an edge, adventure with style. Grounded in refined English tailoring and bold American design. Psycho Bunny redefines the classics with unabashed wit and supreme quality that transcends trend. We make your key pieces exceptional, by focusing on meticulous design, superior craftsmanship and the finest materials. When you wear Psycho Bunny, you’re inspired by the passion, fun and outgoing sensibility expressed in every garment.

Crimson Visual

Crimson Visual is an off-spring of vintage styling and time tested Americana design. Providing clients with a high quality piece of eyewear at an affordable price point, CV strives to meet the demands of the most demanding customer. Featuring three categories- Wood Effect, Acetate, and Performance, Crimson Visual meets all the demands of a versatile lifestyle.

James Campbell

The James Campbell customer is a 25-60 year old neo traditional male that appreciates quality and timeless clothing. He lives life to the fullest and understands looking his best is of the utmost importance. He takes time to refine and master his own personal style. Most important is he values luxury products but wants them at a compelling price. The James Campbell point of distribution is Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman's and better specialty retailers The James Campbell products are differentiated by superior fabrications sourced global, assembled with an attention to old world craftsmanship, thoroughly thought out details, tailored modern mens fit, and tremendous intrinsic value that is clearly evident.